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EPDM PU Binder Primothane Brand PU Glue For Safe Playground and Gym Flooring.

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No1 EPDM PU Binder supplier in Malaysia. Primelay specializes in polyurethane wet pour rubber granules and rubber crumb binder for a safe playground and gym flooring.

  • Moisture cure and best suitable for the tropical and hot weather.
  • MDI base clear PU adhesive. Very light yellow in color.
  • 14 to 16% mixing ratio with SBR rubber granule.
  • Available in 20kg Drum for easy handling & installation.
  • 20% mixing ratio with EPDM rubber granule.
  • 1kg Primothane PU binder can use for about 4 to 6 sqm rubber tile installation.

The PU binder keeps it firm and holds it together against any pressure it has to endure. PU glue for rubber tile is weatherproof and can create a strong bond between the tiles. Essential for rubber flooring which expands and shrinks in different weather. Primothane binders are available for several climate characteristics, including extreme conditions. Choosing the best adhesive for the prevailing weather improves working conditions for the installer, and assures them they will be able to perform their best work. The choice of a particular binder is based not only on the prevailing weather conditions but the ability to plan and execute their work at a speed that allows them to trowel a tight and smooth surface finish. Primothane wet pour adhesive is transparent, which reduces yellowing or a dull effect on EPDM flooring after installation. Some color like blue, grey, white are very sensitive and create a yellow tone with a nonclear binder. 

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