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[2m] Home Pro 20mm Fake Grass Carpet usually is available in a full roll of 1 x 25 & 2 x 25 meters. It is also available in cut options in addition to being available in full roll options. The minimum order quantity should be 1 x 0.5, but the order quantity will be 10 to meet the need of 1 x 5 meters. It also comes in a whole roll of 2 x 25 meters. If manufacturers or dealers want to contact for business collaboration, they will be gladly received.
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Home Pro 20mm Fake Grass

Primelay is mainly engaged in artificial grass. With full experience in synthetic grass fibers, Primelay’s Grass King provides a wide range of artificial turf for sporting fields, child-care centers, schools, and residences. Home Pro 20mm Outdoor Artificial Grass is designed to resist the harshest weather and torrential rain, providing you with calm and greenery like natural grass. 

How to Define Soft Texture Outdoor Artificial Grass

Artificial grass blades tell about the textures, durability, sheen, and softness of your synthetic grass turfs. Primelay offers a wide range of products in eight basic blade shapes. 

Types Of Blades

Here are some basic blade shapes:

S blade shape: blades with S-like curves are closer to natural grass than flatter blade shapes, providing a softer feeling. 

V blade shape: these blades are more erect than other blades, having a higher wear tolerance.

U blade shape: these blades are popular to withstand heavy traffic and are primarily used in playgrounds and high-traffic areas. 

C blade shape: artificial carpets with this blade stand more erect under pressure, which is quite similar to V-shaped blades.

M blade shape: like S-shaped blades, M-shaped blades are popular for front yards and other areas to give them a natural look.

W blade shape: these blades disperse heat in a way that keeps the product 15 degrees cooler on a hot day.

Double W blade shape: These blades scatter heat for a cooler lawn like W-shaped blades.

Seven stem blade shape: it is entirely different from the above blades and is a good choice for residential lawns.

How to Order Home Pro 20mm Grass?

1 roll = 1 x 25 meters & 2 x 25 meters length.

Each order quantity = 1x0.5 meters means 0.5 square meters for each ordered unit. For example, if the order requires a 1x2 meter length, then the order quantity must be 4 units. For a 1x3 meter order quantity is 6, for a 1x5 meter order quantity 10, etc. 

Order Quantity 1 = 2x0.5m

Order Quantity 2 = 2x1m

Order Quantity 3 = 2x1.5m

Order Quantity 4 = 2x2m

Order Quantity 5 = 2x2.5m

Order Quantity 6 = 2x3m

Order Quantity 10 = 2x5m

Order Quantity 20 =2x10m

Order Quantity 50 = 2x25m

Please contact our sales team to clear up any doubt. Also, the point to be noted is that after every 25m, there will be a cut. 

Artificial Grass Carpet Product Descriptions :

  • Waterproof
  • Non - toxic
  • Not recycled material
  • No maintenance
  • Easy To Clean
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Safe for kids and pet
  • Close to natural grass
  • Keeps environment clean
  • Wide range of use 

    Home Pro 20mm Fake Grass Specification :

    • Model : Home Pro 20
    • Color : Green ( as shown in the picture)
    • Thickness: 20mm
    • Size : 2 meter (quantity 1 = 2mx 0.5m)
    • Coverage Area :2 meter (quantity 1 = 1 sqm / 10.76 sqft)
    • Selling in joined roll

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