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Evergreen 20mm Cheap Artificial Grass originally comes in 1x25 meter length. Sold by full roll or cut option. Each order quantity 1x0.5meter so if you need 1x5 meter, the order quantity should be 10. Also available in 1x25m roll as well. Contractors & dealers are welcome for business co-operation.
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Evergreen 20mm Fake Turf

Primelay's evergreen 20mm fake turf is a great alternative for indoor and outdoor flooring. The timeless design integrates well with home decor style as well as this artificial grass works great on the garden, patio, or even baby's nursery. 

How to pick a good artificial grass decoration

You might need to know the following 3 elements before purchasing an artificial grass carpet.

Density:  Density is also known as stitch count. The denser the stitch count, the higher the quality.

Thatch: Thatch is an inconsistent fiber that includes fake turf. If you would like to feel real from your artificial green carpet, make sure your artificial grass carpet includes thatch.

Color: A high-quality artificial grass carpet will try to look as real as natural grass.

Most importantly, you need to be clear about where you will place your fake turf. From there, choose the quality & texture of the fake turf carpet that you love with the following points kept into consideration.

1- The artificial grass carpet should be formulated with a well-researched, high-density, and good-quality material.

2- Pay keen attention to the soft structure of your artificial turf.

3- It should not be harmful to health. 

4- It should be long-lasting and easy to assemble alongside requiring low maintenance. 

Feel free to visit our showroom to feel & touch it. Contact us now!

How to Order 20mm Evergreen Green Grass Carpet?

Our artificial grass is sold in rolls. Each Evergreen 20mm Cheap Artificial Grass originally comes in 1x25 & 2x25 meter lengths. Each order quantity = 1x0.5 meters means 0.5 square meters for each ordered unit. For example, if the order requires a 1x2 meter length, then the order quantity must be 4 units. For 1x3 meter order quantity is 6; for 1x5 meter order quantity is 10 etc. 

Order Quantity 1 = 1x0.5m

Order Quantity 2 = 1x1m

Order Quantity 3 = 1x1.5m

Order Quantity 4 = 1x2m

Order Quantity 5 = 1x2.5m

Order Quantity 6 = 1x3m

Order Quantity 10 = 1x5m

Order Quantity 20 = 1x10m

Order Quantity 100 = 1x50m

If you need more than 25 meters in length, you can order, but it will be cut length after 25 meters length. For any order-related queries,  please contact our sales team. 

Artificial Grass Carpet Product Descriptions :

1- Feel and look like natural grass

2- Put away the stress of dying off or thinning out during cold or hot weather. 

3- Provide soft surface underneath swing sets, climbing frames, and slides as well as do not get muddy even on rainy days. 

4- Lightweight yet durable and sturdy

5- Do not need the feed of any toxic material 

Evergreen 20mm Fake Grass Specification :

  • Model: Evergreen 20
  • Color: Green ( as shown in the picture)
  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Size : 1 meter (quantity 1 = 1mx 0.5m)
  • Coverage Area :1 meter (quantity 1 = 0.5 sqm / 5.38 sqft)
  • Selling in joined roll

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  • [1m] Evergreen 20mm Cheap Artificial Grass [1unit =1mx0.5m]

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