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Place the order for Evergreen 20mm Artificial Grass Decoration in either a full roll of 25 meters or small segments of the roll. Make sure that one order should be multiple of 0.5, so to meet the need for 5 meters, the number of units ordered will be 10. Roll can also be 2 x 25 meters. Primelay is fortunate to have a business association with contractors & dealers.
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Evergreen 20mm Artificial Grass Decoration:

Take joy in green, healthy non-fading lawn and bring your garden to life with this grass pile roll of Primelay, made to resist all weather conditions. A truly versatile fake grass turf, suitable for all outside, inside projects, patio, and even baby’s nursery. 

Features of Artificial Grass:

Thin, foldable, lightweight, easy to transport, UV stabilized, weather and fade resistant. Water drains through drainage holes, making maintenance easy and hassle-free.

Solution on Artificial Grass Decoration Fading Issue:

There is no wonder that the UV-resistant property of artificial decorative grass carpet made the color stay for 10-15 years, as represented by the name, thus ensuring a beyond compare durability.

How to Order 20mm Evergreen Artificial Grass decoration?

1 roll = 1 x 25 meters & 2 x 25 meters length

Each order quantity = 1x0.5 meters means 0.5 square meters for each ordered unit. And every order should be multiple of 0.5m given as below;

Order Quantity 1 = 2x0.5m

Order Quantity 2 = 2x1m

Order Quantity 3 = 2x1.5m

Order Quantity 4 = 2x2m

Order Quantity 5 = 2x2.5m

Order Quantity 6 = 2x3m

Order Quantity 10 = 2x5m

Order Quantity 20 = 2x10m

Order Quantity 50 = 2x25m

Contact the support of our sales team if you need a specific size of artificial decorative grass carpet. We will reply to you in time. Take into account the presence of cut after 25 meters length.

Artificial Grass Decoration Product Descriptions:

  • Pet friendly
  • Safe for kids
  • Non-toxic
  • Lead-free
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High traffic capability
  • Grass UV protected
  • Non-fading lawn

Evergreen 20mm Fake Grass Specification:

  • Model: Evergreen 20
  • Color: Green ( as shown in the picture)
  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Size : 2 meter (quantity 1 = 2mx 0.5m)
  • Coverage Area :2 meter (quantity 1 = 1 sqm / 10.76 sqft)
  • Selling in joined roll

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  • [2m] Evergreen 20mm Artificial Grass Decoration [1unit =2mx0.5m]