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You can order royal green 35mm artificial grass carpet in a full roll of 1 x 25 meters, but it is also available in cut options. The minimum order should be 1 x 0.5 meters, and for the length of 1 x 5 meters, the order quantity should be 10. Any business collaboration of contractors and dealers would be appreciated.
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Royal Green 35mm Artificial Grass Carpet in Malaysia

Whether you live in a rented or your own house, a touch of greenery can liven up your home. After all, everyone wants to have his lawn designed by himself. For your lawns, Primelay's royal green artificial grass is the best choice as it adds natural greenery to your yard, and it can also be used as rugs or doormats as well as a decorating material in your rooms. Your kids and pets would also love to run and play over it. 

How to solve common problems from 35mm Royal Green Carpet?

Problem 1: wrong type of artificial grass carpets

Solution: proper research

Problem 2: sinking spots and holes

Solution: install a solid sub-base

Problem 3: weed growth

Solution: install a membrane

Problem 4: lifted edges

Solution: use fixings around the floorings

Problem 5: drainage issues

Solution: use rubbles

Problem 6: foul odor

Solution: deodorizers

How to Order 35mm Royal Green Artificial Carpet Grass?

1 roll = 1 x 25 meters & 2 x 25 meters length.

Each order quantity = 1x0.5 meters means 0.5 square meters for each ordered unit. For example, if the order requires a 1x2 meter length, then the order quantity must be 4 units. For a 1x3 meter order quantity is 6, for a 1x5 meter order quantity 10, etc. 

Order Quantity 1 = 1x0.5m

Order Quantity 2 = 1x1m

Order Quantity 3 = 1x1.5m

Order Quantity 4 = 1x2m

Order Quantity 5 = 1x2.5m

Order Quantity 6 = 1x3m

Order Quantity 10 = 1x5m

Order Quantity 20 = 1x10m

Order Quantity 50 = 1x25m

One complete roll of artificial grass carpet is 25 meters; after this, there will be a cut. Don't forget to clear up any confusion with our sales team. 

Artificial Grass Carpet Product Descriptions :

Evergreen: artificial carpets look like natural grass and do not need upkeep. 

Weatherproof: these carpets are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions without deterioration. 

Eco-friendly, no fertilizers: the synthetic grass crafts are greener and safer as they are free from fertilizers.

Can withstand heavy traffic: the resilient blades of fake grass give it a long-lasting life.

Child and pet friendly: synthetic grass's soft and non-toxic nature attracts children and pets to play on it. 

Waterproof: artificial grass carpets are waterproof and can be washed and cleaned easily.

Resistant to fading: this grass does not absorb UV radiation and is free from fading.

    Royal Green 35mm Artificial Grass Specification :

    • Model : Royal Green 35
    • Color : Green ( as shown in the picture)
    • Thickness: 35mm
    • Size : 1 meter (quantity 1 = 1mx 0.5m)
    • Coverage Area :1 meter (quantity 1 = 5 sqm / 5.38 sqft)
    • Selling in joined roll

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  • [1m] Royal Green 35mm Artificial Grass Carpet Malaysia [1unit=1mx0.5m]

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