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You can order royal green 35mm artificial grass carpet in a full roll of 1 x 25 meters, but it is also available in cut options. The minimum order should be 1 x 0.5 meters, and for the length of 1 x 5 meters, the order quantity should be 10. Any business collaboration of contractors and dealers would be appreciated.
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Premium Grass 30mm Artificial Grass Malaysia

Primelay has a wide range of artificial grass carpets, and one of its best products is a premium grass carpet. Despite giving your house a natural look, it also guarantees safety for the entire family due to its non-toxic nature. Its vast range will help you to meet your desires to decorate your house according to your choice. Primelay also offers installation services within the Klang Valley only. 

How to Avoid Natural Grass Grow After Installing Premium Grass 30mm Fake Grass?

Grass King is Primelay’s fake grass brand which provides us with artificial grass carpets, creating resistance to the growth of natural grass. So herbicides or other harmful chemicals should be avoided for this purpose. 

The following steps should be followed to avoid the growth of natural grass:

Step 1

Cut the grass to a short length.

Step 2

Cover it with a dark plastic sheet held with sand and stone.

Step 3

Leave it for a few days.

Wait for the situation to stabilize so the installers will start their work. Install a drained cell under your artificial grass carpet to prevent water from clogging.  

How to Order Premium Grass 30mm Artificial Grass?

1 roll = 1 x 25 meters & 2 x 25 meters length.

Each order quantity = 1x0.5 meters means 0.5 square meters for each ordered unit. For example, if the order requires a 1x2 meter length, then the order quantity must be 4 units. For a 1x3 meter order quantity is 6, for a 1x5 meter order quantity 10, etc. 

Order Quantity 1 = 1x0.5m

Order Quantity 2 = 1x1m

Order Quantity 3 = 1x1.5m

Order Quantity 4 = 1x2m

Order Quantity 5 = 1x2.5m

Order Quantity 6 = 1x3m

Order Quantity 10 = 1x5m

Order Quantity 20 = 1x10m

Order Quantity 50 = 1x25m

One complete roll of artificial grass carpet ends at 25 meters with a cut. Kindly contact our sales team to clear up any confusion.

Fake Grass Carpet Product Descriptions :

  • It doesn’t require water, pesticides, or fertilizers.
  • Money can be saved on resources needed to maintain your yard. 
  • Artificial grass offers excellent drainage, so again after the rain stops or after washing. It will dry quickly.
  • Play activities on the lawn will not damage the fake grass.
  • Artificial grass carpets are long-lasting; you need not worry about their damage and stop worrying that your money will be wasted. 

Premium Grass 30mm Artificial Grass Specification :

  • Model : Premium Grass 30
  • Color : Green ( as shown in the picture)
  • Thickness: 30mm
  • Size : 1 meter (quantity 1 = 1mx 0.5m)
  • Coverage Area :1 meter (quantity 1 = 5 sqm / 5.38 sqft)
  • Selling in joined roll

Do you need Installation service?

We provide fake grass installation service within klang valley only. Outstation installation based on location & size of floor. Kindly whatsapp us the measurement of your place for quotation purpose.

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  • [1m] Premium Grass 30mm Fake Grass Malaysia [1unit =1mx0.5m]

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