We are a top vinyl flooring supplier in Malaysia offering a wide range of vinyl flooring at affordable prices. Korean Vinyl is considered one of the best options for 2mm, 3mm vinyl flooring ranges. Vinyl flooring dry back is installed using pressure sensitive vinyl glue. At Primelay Smart flooring we carry 3mm vinyl flooring ranges with great designs imported from Korea. Sweet Home brand for light or home uses whereas Livinn Vinyl flooring is for high traffic & commercial uses.

3mm vinyl flooring planks are more stable compared to 2mm which creates a gap between vinyl planks over time. Vinyl floorings are getting more popular due to its easy maintenance & cheaper price until SPC Flooring is introduced. Vinyl is easy to maintain compared to laminate flooring but SPC flooring is better than Vinyl flooring. However, Vinyl flooring is still a cheaper option for anyone wanting to renovate with exotic wood or modern floor design yet with a budget. Good quality vinyl flooring when installed properly may last exceptionally long on the house or commercial flooring.


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