Rubber Flooring is necessary for many places whether it’s gym flooring, playground flooring, or any industrial uses. It’s safe & serves many other purposes like reducing vibration, shock absorption, reducing noise, etc. At Primelay Smart Flooring we offer various types of rubber flooring. Our top products are gym flooring & playground flooring which we offer not only all over Malaysia but for export worldwide as well. Most of this rubber flooring is done using recycled tire rubber by granulating rubbers into small particles, mix with PU binder to mix & stamp on a machine. Generally, granulated rubbers are porous & suitable for indoor or outdoor rubber flooring requirements. Whereas vulcanize rubbers are much denser & nonporous suitable for heavy-duty uses for industrial flooring, cargo lift, etc. 

At Primelay we offer both types of rubber. Recycle granulated rubbers are available in tile form & roll form for the gym, playground uses. Thickness from 6mm to 50mm or even higher depending on project requirements. Vulcanized rubber is much heavier & denser. Mostly available in 3.5mm to 5mm thickness. Available in coin, diamond pattern, etc in roll or tile size. For more information please visit our website at the rubber flooring category. Contact us for any further information regarding rubber flooring requirements.


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