Mosque Carpets
Al-Riga Green Mosque Carpet
Green Mosque Carpet | 10mm Al-Riga Masjid Carpet Green Mosque Carpet is one of the popular colors in our store and cheapest in town. The pattern reflects a cross-section safe line which looks more attractive.The Al-Riga Mosque Carpets are made...
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Az-Zuha Brown Carpet Surau Malaysia
Az-Zuha Carpet Surau Malaysia | 14mm Mosque Carpet Az-Zuha Carpet Surau is one of the premium series from mosque carpet collections. The quality of this Masjid carpet gives fabulous peace vibes. The carpet specially made based on the graphic pattern...
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Al-Aqsa Blue Karpet Masjid Malaysia
Al-Aqsa is one of the fast-moving Karpet Masjid Malaysia. The blue color really amazing and the pattern looks very creative. This Al-Aqsa mosque carpet is very comfortable to use. This blue color mosque carpet gets more attention by its pattern...
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